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Managing anxiety can be overwhelming. My new book: Goodbye, Anxiety: A Guided Journal for Overcoming Worry is a terrific resource. This guided journal offers a range of practical coping skills to help you feel calmer and at ease, with over 100 easy writing prompts and exercises.  Click here to order now!

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Endorsements for Goodbye, Anxiety

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Goodbye, Anxiety translates sophisticated psychological science into a helpful, hopeful, step-by-step guide for bringing worries and nerves under control. Dr. Terri Bacow has created an invaluable resource that will help teens and young adults understand how anxiety works, how to manage it, and how to find a lasting sense of calm.”

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Goodbye, Anxiety offers support, empathy and—most importantly—actionable activities and guidance to help readers overcome worry, increase self-esteem and feel less alone. I couldn't recommend this book more highly.”


“Wow! This book does the near impossible. It gives you a practical, simple, proven way to eliminate toxic worry from your life and subdue anxiety.”

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Goodbye, Anxiety is a book that you will use and re-use as you navigate life and all it throws at you.”

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“Dr. Bacow is an incredibly gifted scholar and clinician who has designed such an innovative, user-friendly tool for youth—Goodbye, Anxiety is full of evidence-based strategies to help teens manage worry and anxiety.”


Goodbye, Anxiety should be essential reading for everyone. Dr. Bacow does a superb job communicating evidenced-based practices to her audience in an age-appropriate and highly
entertaining manner.”


Goodbye, Anxiety provides a welcoming format for teens, young adults (and, shh…even their parents!) to develop and refine an accessible toolkit and habits that will help them to successfully navigate anxiety now and in the future.”


“Dr. Terri Bacow’s Goodbye, Anxiety blends effective techniques for managing emotions and distress with an engaging, witty, and useful journal format that allows you to helpfully examine and manage anxiety-related behaviors.”


“With this book, Dr. Bacow brings her time-tested, highly sought-after clinical skills directly to your home, no appointment necessary. A must-read for anyone looking to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on their minds, bodies, and lives.”

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"This book delivers on its promise – it provides a super-accessible, highly practical tool for overcoming anxiety! From the very first page, Dr. Bacow shares invaluable skills with her signature pragmatism, humor, and compassion. This journal feels like a friendly, smart companion that makes it a cinch to write in and actually put the strategies to use!"

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