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For Today's Fragrance Brands, Feeling Good is as Important as Feeling Good.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Glossy, July 2024.

Is Your Mother-in-Law Toxic? Look for These Red Flags, Says a Therapist

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Scary Mommy, May 2024.

Is the "Milestone Divorce" Really A Thing?

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Scary Mommy, January 2024.

How to Help Someone Having a Panic Attack.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Wondermind, January 2024.

10 Self-Care Practices to Help Improve Your Mood Right Now.

Bacow, T (Interviewee). Vogue, December 2023.

5 Mindfulness Practices to Help You Through the Holidays.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Vogue, November 2023.

15 Best Mental Health Podcasts Recommended by Therapists.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Vogue, October 2023.

Is Anxiety Making It Hard For You To Relax? Try This Trick.

Bacow, T. Psychology Today, August 2023.

What is Performance Anxiety?

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Oprah Daily, July 2023.


10 Mental Health Tips for Coping With Work-From-Home Burnout.

Bacow, T. Psychology Today, June 2023.

Unfollow Your Worry.

Bacow, T. Psychology Today, May 2023.

The Top 5 Myths People Have About Anxiety and Worry.

Bacow, T. Psychology Today, April 2023.


Make An Appointment To Worry.

Bacow, T. Psychology Today, March 2023.

The Sleep Benefits of a Social Media Break.

(Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in, March 2023

Three Factors That Make People Vulnerable to Anxiety Disorders

Bacow, T.  Psychology Today, February 2023

Is That TikTok Parenting Advice Legit or Totally Problematic?

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Scary Mommy January 2023

What To Do When You Can't Sleep.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in The Jed Foundation, January 2023

How To Actually Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Moms.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Scary Mommy, December 2022

Why Hyper-Independence Isn't Necessarily A Good Thing.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape,  December 2022

The Psychological Reason You Can Grieve a Celebrity's Death.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, December 2022

How To Break Generational Patterns and Why It's So Important for Your Kids.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Scary Mommy, September 2022

Summer Depression is Real. Experts Explain.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in The Well, August 2022

How To Actually Have More Patience With Your Kids, According To A Psychologist.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Scary Mommy, June 2022

What To Do If Your Child Is Self-Harming According to a Therapist.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Scary Mommy, June 2022

Should You Give Your Anxious Teen or Tween Chores?

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Scary Mommy, May 2022

How to Ease Your Kids' Anxiety About Active Shooter Drills at All Ages.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Scary Mommy, May 2022

11 Signs It's Time to Dump Your Therapist.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Scary Mommy, May 2022

The Abercrombie and Fitch Documentary Highlights the Importance of Size Inclusivity in Fashion.  

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape April 2022

What to Say to Someone with Anxiety, According to Mental Health Experts.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, April 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Dermatillomania.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, March 2022

Writing to Overcome Anxiety.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in The Key Reporter, March 2022

The Best Books For Teens With Anxiety Picked By An Expert. 

Bacow, T.  Beyond the Books, March 2022

How To Lower Parental Anxiety Around Decisions.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in The Washington Post, February 2022

The Harsh Treatment of Mikaela Shiffrin Is Further Proof That There's Way Too Much Pressure on Athletes. 

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, February 2022

Strategies to Help Teens Manage Stress and Anxiety.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Parent and Teen, January 2022

Madelaine Petsch Shared the Easy and Effective Way She Alleviates Panic Attacks.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, January 2022

The Top Ten Self Care Tips for Educators.  

Bacow, T. My Robin, January 2022

The Tired Teacher: Addressing Burnout in a Caregiving Profession.

Bacow, T.  My Robin, December 2021

Signs of A Panic Attack That Everyone Should Know.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, August 2021

Alicia Keys Just Shared the Naked Body-Love Ritual She Does Every Morning.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, June 2021

You're Not Failing if You Don't Have an Instagram Worthy Morning Routine.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, May 2021

6 Ways to Stop Feeling Like an 'Imposter' at Work. 

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Kornferry, February 2021

The Health Benefits of Reading Books Will Convince You to Skip Netflix Tonight.  

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, October 2020

How My History With Anxiety and Depression Has Actually Helped Me Deal with the Coronavirus Panic.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Shape, May 2020

Overwhelmed by College?

Bacow, T.  The Shrink Space, October 2020

I'm An Adult and I'm Still Scared of the Dark.

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Women's Health Magazine, September 2020

The Signs of Summer Depression. 

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in Women's Health Magazine, August 2019

Therapist Interview: Terri Bacow, Ph.D.

Bacow, T.  (Interviewee). Featured in, August 2019

Mental Health in NYC College Students: Stress Triggers & Ways To Address.

Bacow, T. Featured in, May 2019

New Mom Self-Care: 16 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health In Early Parenthood

Bacow, T. (Interviewee). Featured in, March 2019

Is Your Inner Voice Being Helpful?  Strategies to Use Next Time You Put Yourself Down.

Bacow, T.L. (Interviewee). Featured in Mood Mission, February 2019

We Need to Talk About Mental Health.

Bacow, T.L. (Interviewee). Featured in Thrive Global, May 2018



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