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Dr. Bacow shares her perspective on anxiety, parenting and CBT psychology as an invited guest on these podcasts.

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Episode from the She Takes the Lead Podcast with Carole Podell


"Break the Anxiety Cycle: Dr. Terri Bacow PhD Unveils CBT Secrets for Mental Health"


Episode from the Self-Care for The Creative Podcast with

Stefani Fryzel

"Navigating Anxiety: Insights and Solutions

with Dr. Bacow"


Episode from the 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms Podcast with

Rachel Neilson 

"Parenting Anxious Kids and Teens: Advice from a Psychologist Mom // Dr. Terri Bacow"


Episode from The One Good Day Podcast with Jeff Baskin


"How is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helpful for Anxiety and Panic Issues with Dr. Terri Bacow"

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Episode from The Anxious Truth Podcast with Drew Linsalata


"Anxiety Recovery and Neurodivergence Issues

with Dr. Terri Bacow"


Episode from The Trust & Thrive Podcast with Tara Mont


"Anxiety, Self-Esteem & Relationships

with Dr. Terri Bacow"


Episode from The Partnership Aligned Podcast with Elana Israel


"Solutions for the Default Parent

with Dr. Terri Bacow"

The Puberty Prof - Dr Lori Reichel

Episode from The Puberty Prof Podcast with Dr. Lori Reichel


"How to Help Pre-Teens and Teens Handle Anxiety with Dr. Terri Bacow"


Episode from The Healthy + Happy Podcast with Dr. Slade


"Saying Goodbye to Anxiety and Worry"


Episode from The Health Investment with Brooke Simonson


"Goodbye, Anxiety! | Dr. Terri Bacow"

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Episode from

The Peaceful Parenting Podcast with

Thomas Green & Jake Morgan


"Goodbye, Anxiety with Dr. Terri Bacow"


Episode from Securely Attached

with Dr. Sarah Bren


"Helping Your Child Cope with Anxiety: A Conversation with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Terri Bacow"


Episode from The Icing with Kenzie Ovenell


"Overcoming Burnout with Dr. Terri Bacow"

coping with ghosting.jpg

Episode from Coping with Ghosting with Gretta


"Healing Anxiety After Being Ghosted"


Episode from That Gives Me Anxiety with Patrick Jones


"Not Being In Control of Your Schedule with Dr. Terri Bacow and Comedian Meghan O'Malley"

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Episode from One More Light

with Val Kleinhans

"Anxiety, Relationships, And Self-Esteem, Oh My!

with Dr. Terri Bacow"


Episode from The Vibes Broadcast Network with Kyle Yates


"Goodbye, Anxiety: A Guided Journal For Overcoming Worry"


Episode from Pillars for Purposeful Motherhood with Britta Wallace


 "The Ridiculous Expectations We Have Of Ourselves As Moms"

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Episode from The Puberty Podcast with Dr. Cara Natterson

and Vanessa Kroll Bennett


"Goodbye to Anxiety with Dr. Terri Bacow"

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Episode from Fit As A Fiddle

with Dr. Sneha Gazi


"Managing Anxiety: Real Tools and Strategies"

Goodbye Unhelpful Anxiety - Tips & Tricks.JPG

Episode 8 from The Anxiety Savvy Podcast with Alyssa Jerud, Ph.D. 

"Goodbye Unhelpful Anxiety: Tips & Tricks for Befriending It with Dr. Terri Bacow"

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Episode 14 from That's Total Mom Sense with Kanika

"Mom Guilt Stops Here -

Why We Feel It and How to Deal"


Episode 14 from Off The Couch with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen 

"Knowing Your Limits as a Child Psychologist"

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Episode from Fit As A Fiddle with Dr. Sneha Gazi 

"3 Going on 13: Raising Threenagers"

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