Dr. Bacow shares her perspective on managing anxiety, parenting and CBT psychology in these podcasts.


Episode from The Vibes Broadcast Network with Kyle Yates


"Goodbye, Anxiety: A Guided Journal For Overcoming Worry"


Episode from Pillars for Purposeful Motherhood with Britta Wallace


 "The Ridiculous Expectations We Have Of Ourselves As Moms"

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Episode from The Puberty Podcast with Dr. Cara Natterson

and Vanessa Kroll Bennett


"Goodbye to Anxiety with Dr. Terri Bacow"

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Episode from Fit As A Fiddle

with Dr. Sneha Gazi


"Managing Anxiety: Real Tools and Strategies"

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Episode 8 from The Anxiety Savvy Podcast with Alyssa Jerud, Ph.D. 

"Goodbye Unhelpful Anxiety: Tips & Tricks for Befriending It with Dr. Terri Bacow"

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Episode 14 from That's Total Mom Sense with Kanika

"Mom Guilt Stops Here -

Why We Feel It and How to Deal"


Episode 14 from Off The Couch with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen 

"Knowing Your Limits as a Child Psychologist"

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Episode from Fit As A Fiddle with Dr. Sneha Gazi 

"3 Going on 13: Raising Threenagers"