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Here are some accounts that relate to anxiety, stress and mood management that may add some positivity to your feed.


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#CBT, Stress Management, #SelfCare, Eating Behaviors | Wellness Speaker | Media Contributor

Image by Christopher Ott

BIO: I’m Lexi & there’s a 99% chance I’m anxious


Sharing my experience w/anxiety

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BIO: Hi Anxiety
Social impact campaign to help us all better deal with anxiety.


Comments/DMs no longer monitored.


Tips & tools in our feed. 

Image by Ben Blennerhassett

Personal Blog | 

Account dedicated to sharing inspirational quotes related to overcoming anxiety.

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BIO:  mental health advocate


BIO: Artist,

Anxious person | Shop, Patreon, Book, and Mailing List 

Image by Tim Goedhart

BIO: Cerebral
Medical & Health
Online medication management | counseling | and therapy for anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, and more!


BIO: Mental Health Daily
Cheaper than therapy, and more uplifting than a push-up bra | Fighting stigma with a social media samurai.


BIO: Nedra Glover Tawwab 

Therapist | Writer

NYT Bestselling Author, Relationship & Boundaries Expert


BIO: Micheline Maalouf, LMHC |
Video Creator | Therapist | Creator | Educator |

Arab American |

Trauma | Anxiety

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BIO: Allison Shiffler |
LCSW at @mindfulcounseling | Columbia University | LGBTQ+ informed | Sex Positive | Faith Transition Friendly

Image by Carlos de Toro @carlosdetoro

BIO: David Freire
Gay | Graduate Student | Therapist |
My life’s a mess but I’m training to help you figure out yours.

Image by freestocks

BIO: A pinch of positivity

Account dedicated to providing comedic relief and inspiring quotes.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

BIO: Positive Psychology in Action | PPIA supports you on your path to flourishing so you can bring out the best in yourself & others | Sonja | @thenextlevelmethod

Image by Eileen Pan


Self-care Is A Priority

Taking care of yourself is important.

Image by Jenny Marvin

BIO: Community

 Founder | Writer 


Relationship and Spiritual Healing


BIO: Dr. Jaime Zuckerman | Dr. Z |Doctor Psychologist | Media Expert | Podcast Host | Author |


Narcissistic Relationship Abuse Expert

Image by lexie janney

BIO: Anxiety Management | Coach | Accredited CBT Practitioner | Helping reduce fear | Find cause | Action solutions | Refocused | Feeling better


BIO: Dr. Tatyana Mestechkina | I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in evidence-based treatment for obsessive compulsive spectrum and anxiety disorders.


BIO: Nathan Peterson
Therapist | Real Treatment Tips! |YouTuber with over 2 MILLION views! | Creator of the self-directed OCD program. | New Videos, Tests, & Courses

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

BIO: Promoting mental health awareness
& suicide prevention


BIO: Allyson Dinneen
Writer | Author of Notes From Your Therapist, 2021, US & UK

Image by Inside Weather

BIO: Mental Health | Clinicians

Mental Health Service | Mental Health Insights, Tips & Tools | Trauma, 

 Healing, Anxiety, 



BIO: Jessica Clemons, MD
Doctor |Board-Certified Psychiatrist | Giving personal or medical info does not establish a  physician-patient relationship

Image by Ilyas Aliev

BIO: We’ve Got this! | Social Worker |

All Things Mom @mama.poule | Mental Health Survivor | Mom

& Animal Lover


BIO: Jon Hershfield MFT


Director, Center for OCD and Anxiety at Sheppard Pratt

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

BIO: How Mental | Health Wellbeing | Community
Get the right support for your mind | Care for the people you love most |

Make mental health a global priority.


BIO: Nawal | M.A. Neuropsychology
Psychology | Health | Productivity | PhD Candidate

Screenshot 2021-11-16 134434.png

BIO: My Self-Love Supply™
Community | Self-care routines | Self-love tips
| Healthy living inspiration


Image by Abin Varghese

BIO: OCD Doodles by Laura | Doodler | Scientist |
Mum of 2 | Sharing the doodles I make as I recover from OCD | NOCD, ERP 

Image by Vonecia Carswell

BIO: NOATC | Psychologist
| Treatment for OCD, anxiety, and related disorders | Comics and mental health tidbits! 

Image by Samantha Oakey

BIO: Ali Pelino LCADC, LCSW | Your Daily Fill of Mental Wellness | CBT based with sprinkles of DBT and Schema Therapy


BIO: Drew Linsalata | Podcast | Anxiety info, support & empowerment. | Former sufferer. Author. Guide. Podcaster. |Grad Student - CMHC | Not Therapy/No DMs

Professional pic.jpg

BIO: The Anxiety Healer |
Community | Licensed Therapist | CBT Expert | Holistic Healer | Host of @theanxietychicks


BIO: Anxiety Recovery
Author | Author of Beyond Anxiety & F*ck Coping Start Healing | Anxiety Guy Podcast | YouTuber on Mental Health | Former Pro Athlete | Spirituality | Healing

Image by Tonik

BIO: Worlds Largest Anxiety Support Community | Interviews

IGTV | Show | Education | Podcast | Featured in |

@vogue @healthmagazine 


BIO: Melody Pourmoradi
Entrepreneur | Author

Launch your girls' empowerment biz. Host Empowering Her Podcast. Twin girl mom. 

Screenshot 2021-11-10 003015.png

BIO: Hannah Daisy 
Artist | Illustrator
Mental Health Occupational Therapist



CARE DIARIES | Community |

Mental health and

self care illustrations |

Not a therapist.

Image by Karina Vorozheeva

Health & Wellness Website
Founder Chelsea Pottenger

| A space for busy minds seeking refuge | Sharing stories, tools & resources.

Screenshot 2021-11-16 143855.png

BIO: Ruby |
Artist | colourful and honest illustrations | mental health, self love, wellbeing | you are not alone.


BIO: Lisa Olivera
Writer | Writing, guiding, and living through the radical work of accepting and embracing all of who we are.


BIO: I’m @allisonraskin and this is my mental health account!


All views are my own and I am not a licensed therapist.


BIO: Digital Creator

 @kathrynconiglio |PhD candidate in clinical psychology @rutgersu | Making psychology more bite-sized

Image by Michal Mrozek


Panic To Passion


Image by Jon Moore

BIO: Nikki LMSW | Mental Health | Mental Health Service | A social worker and psychology doctoral student sharing tips on health and wellness rooted in psychology.

Image by Jordan Stewart

BIO: Steph | Self-Care Spotlight | Community | doctoral student in Montréal | talking about mental health is cool


BIO: Amy Tran | M.A. Psychology 

Community | Mental health + Self Love ⁣+ Mindfulness | PhD Candidate Clinical Psychology⁣

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